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RNNP 2016: summary report in English

Figures from the 2016 study of trends in risk level in Norway’s petroleum activity (RNNP) shows that the major accident indicator is still at too high a level.


Market surveillance campaign - portable lifting equipment

The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) and the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority (NLIA) has conducted a joint market surveillance campaign to verify compliance with the formal documentation requirements in the machinery regulations for selected equipment types.

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Audit of Statoil – Hammerfest LNG

We have carried out a major accident audit and an audit of electrical facilities at Hammerfest LNG.

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Consent for modification, installation and start-up of ZMP module at Troll B

We have given Statoil consent for major modification, installation and start-up of the Troll B ZMP module on the Troll field.

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Consent to use Island Constructor

AS Norske Shell has received consent for the use of Island Constructor for the start-up of well 6407/9-G-5 on the Draugen field.

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Seminar on security 2017

Integrated risk management was the main topic at the PSA’s security seminar.

Safety Forum annual conference 2017: Summary

The theme for this years conference was "learning".

Organisational learning

Organisational learning is a key requirement for successful risk reduction. Learning is not confined to the aftermath of incidents or accidents. Lessons are learnt continuously.

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