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Acknowledgement of Compliance for Safe Zephyrus

Prosafe AS has received the PSA's Acknowledgement of Compliance (AoC) for Safe Zephyrus.

Safe Zephyrus is a semi-submersible facility, which is to operate on behalf of Det Norske on its first commission on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

Photo: Prosafe as

In total, 61 mobile facilities have received an Acknowledgement of Compliance from the PSA.

It is the PSA's assessment that petroleum activities may be carried out using the Safe Zephyrus facility within the regulatory framework.

The validity of the Acknowledgement of Compliance assumes that Prosafe AS ensures that the facility and relevant parts of the company’s organisation and management systems are maintained, to fulfil the terms and conditions set out in the PSA’s decision.

Audits in connection with the AoC application
In connection with the AoC application for Safe Zephyrus, the PSA carried out audits within a number of selected disciplines.

Read the audit reports (Norwegian only) here:
- Logistics and maintenance management
- Working environment
- Structural safety
- Emergency preparedness and technical safety and helicopter deck