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Audit of Ocean Rig

During the period 14 September 2012 – 1 March 2013, the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) carried out an audit of Ocean Rig AS (OR) and the company’s preparations for activities with Leiv Eiriksson on the Norwegian shelf.

The objective of this audit activity is to follow up that the company safeguards regulatory requirements for risk and barrier management, including maintenance management, before starting new activities with Leiv Eiriksson on the Norwegian shelf.

Moreover, ensuring that the company’s management systems and the technical condition of the facility are safeguarded pursuant to the descriptions in the AoC application.

Nonconformities were identified in connection with:

  • the AoC application and associated documentation
  • risk and barrier management
  • fire detection in the engine room
  • fire-fighting in the thruster room
  • visibility and layout of loading and storage areas
  • deck hatches/shafts
  • hose stations
  • competent body
  • access to offshore cranes
  • loose lifting equipment
  • operational procedures
  • water-tight closing mechanisms
  • signposting
  • labelling of equipment and components
  • maintenance programme and classification
  • maintenance data history
  • order and cleanliness 

Furthermore, improvement items were identified in connection with: 

  • expertise and training
  • batteries for emergency lighting
  • isolation of ignition sources
  • emergency operation of lifting appliances
  • offshore cranes
  • ventilation in living quarters
  • alarm system for water-tight closing mechanisms
  • preservation of equipment
  • documentation
  • labelling of lifting equipment

Letter to Ocean Rig AS
 (In Norwegian)
Audit report - Leiv Eriksson (In Norwegian)

Journal 2013/975