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No AoC for self-operated production facilities

The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway has, after consulting with the Ministry of Labour, determined that no Acknowledgement of Compliance (AoC) will be given for mobile production facilities (FPSO) where the operating company itself is responsible for the operation of the facility.

Alvheim FPSO (Kilde: Marathon Oil Corporation)The purpose of the AoC scheme was, inter alia, to clarify the distribution of responsibility between the operator and the operating contractor on mobile facilities, in addition to making it easier to move facilities between various operators. With the operator itself being responsible for the operation of a mobile facility, these conditions are no longer relevant. Consequently, an AoC will no longer be issued in such cases.

Operation of the facilities is conditioned upon consent in the ordinary manner.

Based on this, Marathon has been granted consent to use Alvheim after taking over operation of the facility on 1 June 2010.  Maersk Drilling Norge (Maersk) was previously responsible for the operation of Alvheim. Maersk was granted an AoC for the facility in March 2008.

Other projects which will be impacted by this decision are Skarv (BP) and Yme (Talisman). These fields will be developed using FPSOs currently under construction.

At the present time, three FPSOs with AoCs are in operation on the Norwegian shelf. These are Mærsk Inspirer/Volve, which is operated by Maersk for Statoil, Petrojarl 1/Glitne operated by Teekay for Statoil, and Petrojarl Varg operated by Teekay for Talisman.

The decision to the effect that self-operated production facilities no longer will receive AoCs, will not have any bearing on these facilities.