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Aging and extending production life: Extended working

Concern with aging and extending production life remains high at the PSA, despite no longer being a main priority. “We’ll be paying great attention to this area in coming years,” promises Øyvind Tuntland.

This issue was a top priority in 2006-09. But Mr Tuntland says the point had been reached where switching it from project status to part of the regular workload was appropriate.

Many of the targets set for extending production life as a main priority have been met – standardisation, development of common guidelines and methodology, and building knowledge.

“Important results were achieved during the years we had a special focus here,” says Mr Tuntland, who is the PSA’s director for professional competence.

“Certain areas remain to be dealt with, including the development of regulatory requirements, but we’ve by and large reached our goal.

“We’ll continue to apply the knowledge we’ve acquired about aging and extending production life to our supervision of the industry.

“Although we’ve achieved results, challenges remain. Transferring what we’ve learnt to the industry will be important in the time to come, for instance.”