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Consent to use Ekofisk 2/4-H, 2/4-C and 2/4-Q beyond the original lifetime

ConocoPhillips Skandinavia AS (ConocoPhillips) has received consent to use Ekofisk 2/4-H, 2/4-C, 2/4-Q beyond the original lifetime.

Ekofisk is an oil field located at a water depth of 70-75 metres in the southern part of the North Sea.

The consent relates to the two living quarters platforms Ekofisk 2/4 H and 2/4 Q, as well as Ekofisk 2/4 C which functions as a gangway connection and is the only access route between 2/4 H and 2/4 Q.

The two living quarters facilities originally received lifetime consents until 1 September 2013, but due to delays of the new facility 2/4 L which will replace 2/4-H & 2/4-Q, ConocoPhillips applied for an extension of the lifetime of Ekofisk 2/4-H until 1 September 2014 and Ekofisk 2/4-Q until 1 May 2014. In addition, ConocoPhillips applied for an extension of 2/4-C’s lifetime as a manned facility and gangway connection until 1 September 2014.

The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) finds that the operator has provided documentation indicating that it is prudent to extend the lifetime, and has granted consent in accordance with the application.

Letter to ConocoPhillips (In Norwegian)

Journal 2012/858