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Consent to use Valhall QP beyond the original lifetime

Due to subsidence of the seabed and aging of the living quarters platform (QP), drilling platform (DP) and Process and Compression platform (PCP), the Valhall Redevelopment (VRD) project was established in 2003.

As a result of the project, BP submitted a plan for development and operation (PDO) in March 2007 for Valhall VRD. The plan included installation of a new integrated process and living quarters platform (PH), which was approved by the Storting in June 2007. According to the plan, PH was supposed to be operational in 2010 and replace QP and PCP.

In August 2007, BP applied for consent to use QP, DP and PCP, as well as the oil pipeline from Valhall to Ekofisk and the pipeline from Hod to Valhall beyond their original lifetimes. For QP, BP applied for consent for operations through September 2010. Consent was granted in December 2007.

Due to delays in the VRD project, BP applied for a new extension in December 2009. Consent for this was granted in May 2010.

The new living quarters module on PH was opened in March 2012 and has 180 beds. Due to high activity on the Valhall field, BP needs more beds and therefore applied to use QP through 2014.

Based on an overall assessment, the PSA has now granted consent for BP to use Valhall QP until 31 December 2014.

Letter to BP Norge AS

Journal 2012/341