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Presentations from seminars on ageing and lifetime extension

Through two seminars on 7 and 8 April, the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) highlighted various challenges related to ageing and lifetime extension. The presentations from the seminars have now been published on the Internet.

Ageing and lifetime extension is part of the PSA's main priority Technical and operational barriers.

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There are a number of facilities in the Norwegian petroleum industry which are older than their design lifetime. Parts of this infrastructure are being considered for use beyond their planned design lifetime.

Use of existing facilities on the Norwegian Shelf constitutes sound financial practice for society at large and the industry, but it is not acceptable that life cycle extensions for ageing facilities should impact safety.

The seminars held by the PSA on 7 and 8 April addressed a range of aspects and challenges related to ageing and lifetime extension.

Here you will find the presentations from the seminars. (All presentations were held in English.)

7 April: Seminar on ageing and life extension



8 April:  Seminar on structural integrity management for ageing and life extension


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