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Regulator cooperation on the Arctic

There are six nations with continental shelves in Arctic waters. Common interests in safe operations in these vulnerable areas mean that the national agencies have every reason to cooperate.

In 2013, the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway instigated a meeting between the Arctic safety authorities. In addition to Norway, the invited countries were Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Russia and the USA.

The meeting was held on 31 October at the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway's premises. The first meeting focused on generating reciprocal insight into each other's tasks and challenges. A range of topics were identified as constituting items of common interest for the agencies in all the countries. Agreement was reached on assessing how such cooperation may be taken forward.

See the links to the minutes of the meeting and associated presentations below.

Participants (from the left): Finn Carlsen, Norway, Nikolay Kuznetsov, Russia, Guðni A. Jóhannesson, Iceland, Svetlana Zhulina, Russia, Anne Myhrvold, Norway, Søren Sohn Krog Pedersen, Greenland, Jim Fox, Canada, Thor Gunnar Dahle, Norway.