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Duty to notify

Companies in Norway’s petroleum industry are required to alert the authorities at once about hazards and accidentsoffshore and on land. The PSA is not happy when some companies delay too long with such reporting.

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Safety - Status and Signals 2012-2013

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About 700-800 notifications of undesirable incidents are received by the PSA every year. Clear provisions in the regulations stipulate which incidents must be reported.

 “However, understanding of these requirements varies,” says Bryn Aril Kalberg, coordinator of the emergency response duty officers at the authority.

“Their main purpose is to ensure that we’re quickly informed aboutserious incidents.

But we’re in constant dialogue with the industry about which events must be notified.”

Naturally, reporting to the PSA must not interfere with the company’s response to an acute incident, he emphasises.

“All the same, we sometimes see that we’re not notified about an event until several hours after it occurred.

That’s not good enough, and we then take the matter up.