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Growth pressures create concern

New discoveries on the ncs are helping to boost operations and fuelling demand for personnel and equipment. But requirements for quality, capacity and expertise remain unchanged.

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Safety - Status and Signals 2012-2013

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More exploration made 2011 and 2012 good but demanding years for the NCS. An already high level of activity, combined with substantial gas and oil finds, now offers big opportunities – and challenges. A number of major projects have documented massive cost overruns and direct deficits, including losses in a socio-economic perspective.

The reasons for going into the red can be many and complex. But the significance of adequate expertise and capacity in all phases of an activity is nevertheless clear.

“We’ve been expressing concern for several years that the high level of activity will contribute to inadequate management of processes and projects,” says Ingvill Hagesæther Foss, one of the PSA’s directors of supervision.

“The lack of capacity and expertise has also been a source of concern for many players in the Norwegian petroleum sector, and not just for us.” close

The PSA has been keeping a close eye over the past five years on the challenges facing the industry in this respect. Responses include initiating in-house and external studies to raise the level of knowledge as the basis for information and lecture activities and as a background for supervision.

“We naturally expect serious players to show the utmost concern over these challenges, and to take the necessary steps to ensure quality at every level and phase of their business,” says Hagesæther Foss.

“As the regulator, we’re concerned that activities are tailored to the resources available, so that they can always be pursued within acceptable safety limits.”