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Investigations: Finding the facts

Investigations allow the PSA to dig deep into the most serious incidents. The aim is to learn as much as possible about what went wrong in order to prevent a repetition.

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The regulations require the relevant operator or company to hold its own inquiry into a serious incident to establish what happened and take action which can stop it occurring again.

Following up undesirable incidents is an important part of the PSA’s supervision in general. It checks that players comply with the requirements on investigating, improving and informing.

The PSA also launches its own investigation of the most serious incidents, conducted on a free and independent basis as a supplement to the company’s internal post-mortem.

These inquiries are intended to help those directly involved, the industry at large and relevant government agencies to learn the necessary lessons. Such investigations are resourceintensive.

They usually call for several months of exhaustive work by the inquiry team before a report can be produced. A PSA decision to investigate is therefore based on a careful assessment and prioritisation.

Incidents which typically qualify for detailed scrutiny include:

The PSA's investigations in 2012:



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