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Audit of at-risk groups in connection with disposal work at Albuskjell 1/6A.

From 22-22 June 2013, the PSA conducted an audit of ConocoPhillips Skandinavia AS (COPSAS) and its work on follow-up of groups potentially exposed to risk in connection with disposal work at Albuskjell 1/6A.

The audit of groups exposed to risk in connection with disposal work at Albuskjell 1/6A also included Heerema Marine Contractors and AFDecom and subcontractors.

The audit forms part of one of the PSA's main priorities - groups exposed to risk.

The objective of this initiative is to assist the companies in reducing the risk of injury and illness for especially at-risk groups through enhancing framework conditions and implementing specific measures.

ObjectiveThe purpose of the audit was to assess whether a functioning management system had been established and implemented to identify, map and monitor risks to groups of employees in compliance with requirements in the regulations.

Our main impression was that the project was well managed and that risk factors were identified and followed up. Planning of the project appeared to be comprehensive and risk-based. Risk areas were, in the main, mapped and assessed. SOWs and job cards were developed on the basis of these assessments and work permits were actively used for safe planning of jobs and for avoiding incompatible activities being performed simultaneously. It was also our main impression from interviews that the workers were aware of the risk factors in their working environments and that most of them knew about the different measures for reducing risk, such as working hours restrictions and protective equipment.

Two non-conformities with the regulations were identified:

  • COPSAS and HMC had not sufficiently assessed the different risks to employees who were on hire to HMC and who followed the flag state's shift-working arrangement. Neither was an adequate assessment made of the consequences these risks could have for the overall risk picture for the removal operations at Albuskjell.
  • The working hours schemes for personnel on hire to HMC were not compliant with the HSE regulations for petroleum activities.

On 16 July 2012, the PSA issued ConocoPhillips with an order concerning the non-conformity with the regulations relating to the working hours schemes.

Read more: Order for ConocoPhillips – breach of working hours schemes in connection with removal activities

The PSA has received an appeal against the order, which is under consideration.




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