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Audit of Centrica Energi’s second line emergency preparedness

Audit: On 25 February 2010, the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) conducted an audit of Centrica’s second line emergency preparedness, which is handled by the Operator Association for Emergency Response (OFFB). We identified no nonconformities in relation to the regulatory requirements.

By issuing a consent, the HSE authorities indicate that they are confident the company can work in line with the regulations and with the information provided in its application.

The regulator determines in each case how extensive and detailed a consideration it will give to the request for a consent.

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The PSA participated as an observer during the second line emergency preparedness drill at the OFFB’s offices at Forus. The audit was a direct follow-up of a previous audit of the company’s handling of its own emergency preparedness (link), conducted on 27 January 2010 and 8 February 2010.

Centrica participates in a consortium of operating companies that collaborate on leasing the West Alpha drilling facility and a number of suppliers of third-party services in connection with drilling operations on the Norwegian shelf.

Background for the audit
The background for this audit, like the audit in January of this year, is the company’s application for consent to conduct exploration drilling of well 6506/9-2S, and, in this connection, follow-up of Centrica’s management and safeguarding of their own emergency preparedness responsibility during preparations for and implementation of the drilling operation with West Alpha.

This also includes the company’s use of external assistance for handling the second line emergency preparedness organisation, which is carried out by the OFFB.

The exploration well is the first prospect operated by the company on the Norwegian shelf, and is a well with HPHT characteristics (HPHT = high pressure and high temperature).

The PSA prioritises the supervision of new players who implement drilling operations for the first time in order to assess their management of HSE in relation to organisational, technical and operational capacity and competence.

Purpose of the audit
The purpose of the audit was to examine the company’s compliance with requirements related to health, safety and the environment (HSE), and emergency preparedness in preparations for start-up of the drilling operation with the West Alpha drilling rig, with particular emphasis on handling of the company’s 2nd and 3rd line emergency preparedness.

Result of the audit
No nonconformities were identified during the audit. We identified the following improvement items, cf. Section 19 of the Activities Regulations relating to competence, Section 66 relating to emergency preparedness organisation and Section 68 relating to handling of situations of hazard and accident:

Despite the improvement items that emerged during this emergency response drill, the PSA’s impression is good as regards the OFFB’s competence and ability to safeguard its role as a technical executor for the operating company Centrica.

Journal 2009/1607 (documents in Norwegian)

Mike Theiss, Principal engineer
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