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Audit of emergency preparedness and working environment – Valhall North Flank

On 23 and 24 September 2014, the PSA carried out an audit of BP Norge AS (BP) and Valhall North Flank. The audit was focused on working environment and emergency preparedness.

Valhall North Flank is an unmanned well head facility in the southern part of the North Sea, around six kilometres north of the Valhall complex. The facility is operated by BP.

The audit was performed by means of a document review, presentations and interviews with the onshore organisation concerning occupational health and safety, and a verification at the facility.

The object of the audit was to monitor how BP fulfils the regulatory requirements for emergency preparedness, including organisation and safeguarding of the emergency preparedness organisation, means of evacuation, maintenance of emergency preparedness equipment, and maintenance of the personnel's expertise in relation to the emergency preparedness functions they perform. The purpose of the audit also included how BP fulfils regulatory requirements for work organisation, ergonomic factors and training in working environment matters.

The audit identified two non-conformities and seven improvement points. The non-conformities related to defective correlation between emergency preparedness analysis, emergency preparedness plans and practice, and inadequate training in occupational health and safety matters.

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