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Audit of emergency preparedness at Visund

The PSA has carried out an audit of Statoil's management of emergency preparedness at Visund.

From 14-17 March 2016, the PSA carried out an audit of Statoil's management of emergency preparedness on the Visund facility. 

The objective of the audit was to gain an overview of the processes and systems that contribute to ensuring comprehensive emergency preparedness management at Visund. The audit focused on processes for ensuring that assumptions, prerequisites, limitations and recommendations in the emergency preparedness analysis for the facility are catered for, and that they are communicated to the emergency preparedness organisation.

Statoil is undertaking various improvement and change activities in the company. Our concern is that the company ensures that the totality of the different improvement and change activities do not weaken the robustness of the emergency preparedness organisation in its entirety and over time. The audit did not detect any indicators that they have negatively affected emergency preparedness at Visund.

One non-conformity was identified in connection with the module training of response teams.

Improvement points were identified relating to:

  • Deputy function
  • Performance of drills
  • Training and co-training of personnel in the emergency preparedness organisation

Statoil has been given a deadline of 29 April 2016 to report on how the non-conformity and improvement points will be dealt with.


Entails that a condition is assessed as not complying with a regulatory requirement.

Improvement point:
Entails that we have identified a deficiency or weakness, without there being sufficient grounds for determining a breach of regulatory requirements.

Øyvind Midttun, press contact
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