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Audit of environmental data collection on Oseberg A

Audit: During the period 24 – 25 March 2010, the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA), together with the Norwegian Meteorological Institute (Met.no), conducted an audit of environmental data collection on Oseberg A. We identified no nonconformities in relation to the regulatory requirements.


The audit started with a preliminary meeting on the facility where the purpose of the audit activity was reviewed.

We also received a tour of the facility, which comprised the instruments used for environmental data collection. A summary of the audit activity was given before departure.

In connection with the audit, equipment and systems for collection of environmental data, reporting and use routines and maintenance procedures were reviewed.

Background for the audit
The background for the audit was that the quality of environmental data collection from Oseberg A is of great importance to the flying weather and flight control service offshore, weather-critical operations in the petroleum activities, the supply service and also for society at large as a basis for Met.no’s national weather database.

To achieve sufficient measurement accuracy, it must be possible to document that the accuracy of the available values is within regulatory requirements.

Purpose of the audit
The purpose of the audit was to review relevant procedures for executing, maintaining and reporting the collection of environmental data, and to evaluate the technical condition of systems and equipment on Oseberg A, pursuant to regulatory requirements stated in Section 25 of the Framework Regulations relating to requirements for the collection of environmental data, Section 4b of the Information Duty Regulations relating to requirements for storing and discarding data and Section 16 of the Facilities Regulations relating to instrumentation for surveillance and registration including guidelines and reference to NORSOK standard N-002. The regulatory requirements also include METAR (Meteorological Aerodrom Reports) observations.

Result of the audit
No nonconformities in relation to regulatory requirements were identified. A check of the measuresments revealed no nonconformities in relation to the recommended NORSOK N-002 standard for measuring results beyond the tolerance between the operator’s measurement instruments, the control instruments and Met.no’s travelling standard.

All environmental data collection equipment was satisfactorily cleaned and in working order. The placement of wind gauges on the beacon antenna is regarded to be the best alternative for maximum exposure, given the layout of the facility.

The equipment was subject to existing control procedures for Oseberg A. The equipment’s maintenance system is part of SAP. Both the maintenance management program and the overview of performed maintenance are in SAP, and are traceable.

Maintenance is performed by the technical personnel on board Oseberg A.

Pursuant to new regulations covering Oseberg A from the Civil Aviation Authority Norway,  2008-01-28 nr 81 ”Regulations concerning flight weather service”, equipment and software must be upgraded to meet regulatory requirements for sending Metar. During the project period, new  equipment and software will be tested in parallel with existing equipment as part of the equipment package.

During the project’s period of testing new and existing equipment, some errors in reported data must be expected. The project also involves changing existing procedures for use and maintenance.

Journal 2010/207 (documents in Norwegian)

Mike Theiss, Principal engineer
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