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Audit of Kollsnes projects - supervisory duty and follow-up of the supplier chain

During the period 7 April 2010 – 27 September 2010, the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) carried out audit activities targeting Gassco as the operator of Kollsnes projects (KOP). The audit was divided into several tasks relating to the supervisory duty and follow-up of the supplier chain.

The audit activities were e.g. directed towards Gassco’s supervisory duty as operator, Statoil as TSP (Technical Service Provider) and responsibility for implementation of KOP, and Aker Solutions (EPC contractor: engineering, procurement and construction) with an engineering office at Fornebu and a construction site for modules on Stord.

The audit was carried out in three stages.

  1. Kick off meeting with Gassco, presentation of the project, applicable document for tasks for Statoil as responsible for the project, inspection and test plan (ITP) with planned activities and implemented verifications, and the results of these.
  2. Review with Statoil and Aker Solutions at Statoil’s project office at EPC contractor Aker Solutions at Fornebu. Presentations of procurement for the project, follow-up plan with verifications and results. Interviews of key persons in Statoil’s KOP organisation and Aker Solutions. Presentation of Aker Solutions’ work scope, follow-up activities and results of verifications carried out of sub-suppliers.
  3. Verification of construction site for modules, Aker Solutions Stord. Review of the work scope at Stord, ITP with verification of activities in the plan as well as a computer system for document control and traceability. Interview with Statoil’s construction site manager, Aker’s site manager and key persons in fabrication, receiving and quality control. Welding and bolt/flange tightening spot tests were carried out in the fabrication hall, and checked against the log in the computer system.

The PSA is to set the terms and follow-up to ensure that the players in the petroleum activity maintain standards for health, safety, the environment and preparedness, and through this also help to create the greatest possible values for society. The audit is based on Section 4, second subsection of the Temporary Regulations:

“A party that owns or operates petroleum facilities or pipeline systems as mentioned in the first paragraph, shall ensure that all parties that perform work on its behalf, either in person, through the use of employees, contractors or sub-contractors, comply with all requirements laid down in the safety and working environment legislation.”

Quality nonconformities have recently occurred in the industry in connection with deliveries of, for example

  • Pipe fittings
  • Large valves
  • Leaks due to inadequate flange connections

This shows that the operating companies and the industry face challenges as regards inadequate quality control.

The purpose of the audit activities was to ensure that KOP is carried out in accordance with the regulations and to gain insight into how the supervisory duty is carried out by Gassco as operator and formally responsible for the development on behalf of the owners. Furthermore, to see how the supervisory duty is followed-up in the supplier chain with Statoil as TSP and Aker Solutions as full-service supplier for engineering, procurement and construction.

Generally, it is our impression that Gassco has established and implemented a management system in KOP which facilitates follow-up of the supplier chain with experience transfer between the parties in the project.

No nonconformities were identified during the audit, but we have identified two areas with potential for improvement: follow-up of the wholesale segment and follow-up of welding defects (with Aker Solutions).

Øyvind Midttun, press contact
Email: oyvind.midttun@ptil.no | +47 51 87 34 77