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Audit of logistics planning and implementation in the supply chains – Åsgard A and B

During the period 27 May and 31 May to 4 June 2010, the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) carried out an audit of Statoil Petroleum AS' (Statoil's) logistics planning and implementation in the supply chain to/from and on Åsgard A and Åsgard B.

The audit activity was carried out by video start-up meeting with relevant operative management, as well as through meetings, interviews and verifications on board Åsgard A and Åsgard B.

The activity had two goals. The main focus was Statoil's systems for managing and directing materials handling, technical condition of lifting equipment and lifting operations on the company level. Furthermore, the activity focused on how these systems function on the facility level, with Åsgard A and Åsgard B as examples.

The audit activity was a verification activity pursuant to the PSA's overall project on logistics and follow-up of lifting operations.

The audit focused on the risk associated with logistics and materials handling, including lifting operations, as well as the problem areas identified in the PSA's Report ”Causal connection analysis of incidents involving offshore cranes” (In Norwegian, pdf). The audit was the second of three planned audit activities. The first audit was carried out in March 2010, and was directed toward Statoil's technical management in Bergen, as well as the Oseberg Øst facility.

One goal of the activity was to verify that Statoil utilises expertise and has the necessary resources to ensure that crane and lifting operations are carried out safely. Another goal was to verify compliance with the regulations as regards following governing documentation within logistics, materials handling, and crane and lifting operations.

The PSA made observations of a technical, operational and organisational nature.

The following issues warrant specific mention:

  • The management system does not sufficiently take into account overall operational management of lifting operations.
  • The emergency operation system on the offshore cranes on Åsgard A do not meet relevant requirements.
  • The engine rooms on the offshore cranes on Åsgard B lack automatic fire extinguishing systems.

Øyvind Midttun, press contact
Email: oyvind.midttun@ptil.no | +47 51 87 34 77