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Audit of materials handling and technical working environment – Yme MOPUStor

During the period 1-3 June 2010, the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) carried out an audit of the facilitation of materials handling and technical working environment on Talisman's production facility Yme. The audit identified several nonconformities.

The audit was a continuation of a previous audit (23-26 March 2009) of the facility within these disciplines.

The facility is a jack-up production and storage facility with a living quarters module (MOPUStor), currently under construction at the Adyard Liva shipyard in Abu Dhabi.

The background for the audit is that SBM (Single Buoy Mooring) has engineered and is responsible for fabrication of MOPUStor, which will be leased to Talisman Energy Norge AS (TENAS) for use on the Yme field. TENAS is the operator and has in this connection applied for consent to use the facility.

The goal of the audit activity was to verify that TENAS is building the Yme facility in accordance with regulatory requirements within the areas of materials handling and working environment in the petroleum activities. In this connection, we focused on the use of resources, planned and completed activities, working environment analyses, materials handling analyses, transfer of experience, employee participation, non-conformance procedures and design solutions.

We identified nonconformities relating to follow-up of the working environment, non-conformance procedures, facility-specific procedures for use of lifting appliances, initial inspection of the offshore cranes, use of the offshore cranes, use of technical solutions, transport routes, access and materials handling. Furthermore, we identified an improvement item relating to documentation of compliance with working environment requirements.


Operator's follow-up of working environment factors
The plan for following up the working environment during construction and commissioning was deficient.

Identifying, registering and handling nonconformities
Inadequate identification, registration and handling of nonconformities.

Lacking facility-specific procedures for the use of lifting appliances
Facility-specific procedures for the use of lifting appliances were not complete.

Initial inspection of lifting equipment was not carried out
The initial inspection of the offshore cranes or other lifting gear such as lifting beams, lifting lugs, rack lift, and MOB boat davit was not carried out.

Lacking documentation that the offshore cranes can be used as a launching appliance for MOB boats
Dynamic load calculations had not been performed for the use of the offshore cranes as launching appliances for MOB boats.

Technical solutions
Deficient use of updated technical equipment/solutions to facilitate prudent working environment and materials handling.

Equipment placed in such a way as to block planned transport routes
Several transport routes on the facility were not designed to facilitate efficient and safe materials handling.

Access to equipment
Deficient access to equipment during operation and maintenance.

Deficient facilitation of materials handling in the process facility
We identified deficient facilitation of vertical and horizontal materials handling in the process facility.

Improvement item

Documentation of compliance with regulatory requirements for working environment
Deficient plan for implementation of qualitative ”as built” data in WEAC documentation to verify compliance with regulatory requirements.

Øyvind Midttun, press contact
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