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Audit of materials handling on the Ula field

From 22 to 25 August 2017, we carried out an audit of Aker BP's arrangements for materials handling and crane and lifting operations on the Ula field.

The objective of the audit was to follow up the orders issued to BP on 8 June 2016  following an audit of materials handling, cranes and lifting, and late life.

There was a further objective of auditing systems to prevent accidents and injuries in connection with materials handling, cranes and lifting in the drilling area, as well as the use of scaffolding.

No non-conformities were identified.

Improvement points were identified in connection with:

  • Arrangements for effective and prudent materials handling
  • Maintenance of the offshore cranes
  • Scaffolding, escape routes, load carriers and instructions for use

Aker BP has been given a deadline of 30 October 2017 to report on how the improvement points will be addressed.

Øyvind Midttun, press contact
Email: oyvind.midttun@ptil.no | +47 51 87 34 77