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Audit of Njord A

We have carried out an audit of design engineering and fabrication in connection with the modification of Njord A.

Njord is an oil and gas field in the North Sea, around 130 kilometres north-west of Kristiansund. Statoil is the operator of the field, which has been developed using a steel semi-submersible drilling, accommodation and production facility - Njord A, and a floating storage facility - Njord B.

Production at Njord began in 1997.

We have carried out an audit of Njord A in connection with the remodelling of the hull and deck construction. The audit took place on 14 March 2017 at Statoil's offices in Fornebu and on 16 March at Kværner Stord.

The audit focused on design engineering and fabrication, and took the form of presentations by Statoil and suppliers, and verifications at the construction site.

The purpose of the audit was to monitor that the design engineering, condition assessment and modifications to the hull and deck construction complied with the regulations and that robust solutions have been chosen.

No non-conformities were detected during the audit.

However, improvement points were detected relating to:

Statoil has been asked to report on how these improvement points will be assessed by 28 April 2017.