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Audit of North Atlantic – West Alpha

During the period 29 October – 2 November 2012, the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) carried out an audit of North Atlantic Drilling’s (NAD’s) management of major accident risk and barrier handling system on West Alpha.

The objective of the activity was to evaluate the company’s understanding, knowledge and expertise related to major accident risk and the barrier philosophy used by the company’s management and employees.

Nonconformities were identified in connection with:

  • Preparedness analyses and preparedness plans
  • Follow up of improvement items
  • Escape routes
  • External doors
  • Winterisation of fire water lines
  • Manual valves in the drilling fluid system
  • Sampling of drilling fluid

Furthermore, improvement items were identified in connection with:

  • Management of major accident risk
  • Follow up of barriers and performance requirements
  • The maintenance system
  • Training of preparedness personnel and preparedness management
  • Signposting
  • Fire stations
  • Fire risk in HPU room
  • Position titles and job descriptions

Letter to North Atlantic Norway Limited (In Norwegian)
Audit report – West Alpha (In Norwegian)

 Journal 2012/1010

Inger Anda, Director for communication and public affairs
Email: inger.anda@ptil.no | +47 970 54 064