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Audit of operations and maintenance management – Draupner

The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway has conducted an audit of Gassco, directed at operations and maintenance on Draupner, and how Gassco, as operator, safeguards its supervisory duty vis-à-vis Statoil as TSP regarding management of operations and maintenance on the facility.

The audit activity was carried out with a meeting on Kårstø on 16 September 2010 and meetings, conversations and verification at the facility on 21-23 September 2010.

The Draupner field is an important junction for the gas deliveries to the Continent. In this connection, maintenance, technical safety, risk-based inspection and general technical condition are central elements in light of the fact that the facility is nearing its design lifetime. Gassco plans to apply for consent for extended lifetime in 2014.

The purpose of the audit activity was to follow-up how Gassco, as operator, safeguards its supervisory duty vis-à-vis Statoil as TSP as regards management of operations and maintenance on Draupner.

In general, we observed good order and tidiness.

Two nonconformities were identified within the areas competence/competence management and training as well as maintenance management. Planning, management, prioritisation and execution of maintenance were areas we found to be unclear, and we need more information from Gassco’s side regarding these items.

Outstanding maintenance was stated to be 10,431 hours, but during the audit we received information that this number was not correct, and higher than stated.

Furthermore, four areas with room for improvement were observed: within emergency power supply, passive fire protection of emergency shutdown valves, deluge coverage as well as training and drills.

Øyvind Midttun, press contact
Email: oyvind.midttun@ptil.no | +47 51 87 34 77