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Audit of Prosafe

The PSA has carried out an audit of Prosafe's systems and practice in respect of groups at particular risk.

Groups at particular risk are categories of workers who are at extra risk of injury or illness due to their job.

From 24 to 28 October 2016, the PSA carried out an audit of Prosafe's systems and practice for identifying and following-up potential groups at particular risk, and whether arrangements for employee participation and the safety representative service were implemented in accordance with the regulatory requirements.

The audit was conducted in the form of a meeting at Prosafe's premises at Forus, with subsequent verification on board the Safe Zephyrus quarters facility.

The audit revealed non-conformities relating to:

  • Mapping and risk assessment
  • Prioritisation, implementation and verification of measures
  • Communication and clarification of roles and responsibilities
  • Employee participation

Prosafe has been given a deadline of 12 January 2017 to report on how the non-conformities will be dealt with.

Eileen Brundtland, press contact
Email: eileen.brundtland@ptil.no | +47 92 26 98 95