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Audit of Shell in the area of corrosion

Audit of Shell with regard to the management of corrosion under insulation.

Many facilities on the Norwegian Continental Shelf are characterised by increasing age and corrosion issues. High temperature increases the rate of corrosion, with the result that pipelines transporting hot media are especially vulnerable to corrosion under insulation (CUI). Such challenges are present on both offshore and landside facilities.

On 22 April 2015, the PSA carried out an audit of the management by A/S Norske Shell (Shell) of risk associated with CUI. The audit was conducted in the form of a full-day meeting with relevant corporate personnel.

The audit focused on the company's management of maintenance and risk-based inspection, general inspection programme, performance and reporting, registration and follow-up of findings, as well as experience transfer and learning.

No non-conformities were apparent from this audit.

One improvement point was identified, relating to criteria for the selection of risk-based inspections of insulated pipes and components.

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