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Audit of Statoil - flexible pipelines

The PSA has carried out an audit of how Statoil is following up challenges relating to flexible pipelines.

On 29 and 30 November 2016, the PSA carried out an audit of Statoil at, respectively, their offices in Stjørdal and their research centre in Trondheim.

The objective of the audit was to check that Statoil is fully following up the challenges associated with flexible pipelines and working to understand the different types of failures and degradation mechanisms that can arise.

In the meetings, Statoil presented the status of flexible pipelines and specific technical issues in accordance with the PSA's audit notice.

No direct verifications were made of the management system, governing documents or systems for following up the integrity of flexible pipelines. Nothing emerged to indicate regulatory non-conformities or improvement points during this audit.

Statoil has however been asked to provide complementary information concerning the monitoring of annuli in risers.

Eileen Brundtland, press contact
Email: eileen.brundtland@ptil.no | +47 92 26 98 95