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Audit of Statoil's own follow-up of changes

We have carried out an audit of Statoil Development and Production Norway's own follow-up of changes in the period 6 January to 8 May 2017.

The audit is a continuation of the audit performed in July 2016.

The objective of the audit was to verify that Statoil is implementing changes in such a way that HSE risk is identified and monitored and potential HSE gains are identified and realised.

One non-conformity was identified in connection with decision support.

In addition, improvement points were identified relating to specific objectives for HSE improvement, information and involvement, as well as risk management methods and competence.

We have asked Statoil Petroleum AS to report on how the improvement points will be addressed by 1 September 2017.

Øyvind Midttun, press contact
Email: oyvind.midttun@ptil.no | +47 51 87 34 77