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Audit of Talisman Energy Norge AS - electrical and safety instrumented systems on Gyda

Between 1 and 4 October 2013, the PSA conducted an audit of Talisman's follow-up of electrical installations and safety instrumented systems on the Gyda facility.

The background to the audit concerned the PSA's main priorities for 2103, notably the follow-up of barriers. For the PSA, it is important for the industry to apply and develop knowledge about the safeguarding and improvement of barriers. The sum of technical, operational and organisational factors is crucial for the dependable operation and effectiveness of the barriers. Good risk awareness is necessary for preventing accidents, for establishing appropriate preparedness and for reducing uncertainty.

The objective of the activity was to verify that relevant regulatory provisions were being met.

- Personnel responsible for electrical installations: carry out an audit of the roles, responsibilities and remits of sections of Talisman's management system for electrical installations during engineering, operation, modification and maintenance of electrical installations.

- Audit of electrical operations: verify how Talisman provides for the requirements for planning, execution and follow-up of the technical condition of selected systems and equipment in the electrical installation.

- Safety instrumented systems: follow up and verify how Talisman provides for the regulatory requirements for competence and procedures with a focus on selected barrier performance and technical condition, including routines for overriding safety systems or parts thereof.

The audit was performed as planned and was well organised by Talisman.

Presentations and interviews displayed a great deal of openness and gave the impression of skilled and committed employees.

One non-conformity was detected during the audit, associated with the regulatory requirements for technical operating documents.

Øyvind Midttun, press contact
Email: oyvind.midttun@ptil.no | +47 51 87 34 77