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Audit of the offloading system on Skarv FPSO

The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) conducted an audit of BP at the Aker Solutions Stord yard on 6-7 April 2011. The audit targeted the offloading system for shuttle tankers on Skarv FPSO. The audit identified a number of nonconformities in relation to regulatory requirements.

The audit was linked to the processing of the application for consent to use the facility on the Norwegian shelf.

Furthermore, the audit is part of our objective of setting standards and following up to ensure that the players in the petroleum activities maintain high health, safety and environment standards, and thereby also contribute to creating the greatest possible values for society.

Offloading operations to shuttle tankers entail significant potential risk of major accidents. Major accidents is a particular commitment area for our activities.

The objective of the audit activity was to verify that BP is constructing the Skarv FPSO in accordance with regulatory requirements for oil offloading operations.

In this context, the PSA’s focus included verification of observations described in audit reports from previous audits (PSA reports dated 27 March 2008 and 21 August 2008) and on BP Norge’s commissioning process for the Skarv FPSO to ensure regulatory compliance.

Our general impression is that the technical design of the offloading system on the stern of Skarv FPSO is well laid-out.

However, regulatory nonconformities were established as regards three items relating to the emergency shutdown system, establishment of a “green line” for offloading operations and a dedicated UHF channel.

Seven improvement items were also noted in connection with simultaneous activities, maintenance, positioning, loading and offloading systems, data logging, risk reduction and procedures.

We have requested that an account be provided by 27 May of how the nonconformities will be handled.

The report also contains observations of factors with potential for improvement, and we have requested BP’s assessment of these factors.

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