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Audit of Wintershall – qualification and follow-up of West Phoenix

We have carried out an audit of Wintershall's qualification and follow-up of the West Phoenix mobile drilling facility in connection with the company's use of the facility to drill the Balderbrå exploration well.

The audit took place on 1 March 2018.

The objective of the audit was to examine and verify Wintershall's processes and specific activities as an operator in connection with the contract signing and the rig acceptance procedure.

The audit was conducted after we issued an order to North Atlantic Drilling (NAD) in March 2018.

Non-conformities were identified relating to the supervisory duty and compliance with Wintershall's rig acceptance procedure, including follow-up of internal procedures.

Deviations from procedural requirements that were not handled as non-conformities in the company's management system were also identified.

Wintershall has been given a deadline of 12 April 2018 to report on how the non-conformities will be dealt with.

The West Phoenix semi-submersible drilling facility is of the Moss Maritim CS50 type and is operated by North Atlantic Drilling (formerly Seadrill Management AS).

The facility is to be used to drill the Balderblå exploration well and Wintershall received consent to drill in September 2017.

West Phoenix received the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway's Acknowledgement of Compliance (AoC) in June 2008.

Eileen Brundtland, press contact
Email: eileen.brundtland@ptil.no | +47 92 26 98 95