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Audit of working environment, materials handling and technical safety – Ekofisk 2/4 L

During the period from 13 October to 11 November 2010, the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) carried an audit of ConocoPhillips’ (COPSAS) handling of working environment, materials handling and technical safety in connection with the construction of a new living quarters facility on Ekofisk.

The audit was carried out as a meeting with COPSAS on 13 October 2010, as well as interviews and presentations at EPC contractor SMOE in Singapore on 9 November and 10 November 2010.

Engineering was 24 per cent completed at the time of the audit. The interviews targeted both the system and specific technical challenges.

COPSAS is engineering and constructing a new living quarters facility on Ekofisk. The audit was part of the PSA’s follow-up of this project.

The objective was to verify that engineering was in accordance with the regulatory requirements which have been established to safeguard that satisfactory working environment, materials handling and safety are achieved on the new facility, and that the various players contribute to good and appropriate solutions.

Furthermore, the objective of the activity was to verify whether the various players have an understanding of the regulatory requirements for working environment, materials handling and technical safety, and if they have established appropriate management systems for follow-up.

An important part of the audit has also been to verify that COPSAS has facilitated good processes for employee participation and input from the operational organisation.

The PSA’s general impression is that both COPSAS and SMOE have staffed their project organisations with experienced personnel, with knowledge of Norwegian regulatory requirements and standards. However, the PSA still believes that COPSAS has an improvement potential in some areas as regards the system for package deliveries and capacity in the project team. Furthermore, it was not clear whether SMOE’s capacity and specific expertise in certain areas were satisfactory.

The PSA would like to emphasise the following positive impressions:

  • Positive impression of the project management and cooperation between COPSAS and SMOE
  • Satisfactory employee and user participation
  • Contractual issues (reimbursable contract) are regarded as an important condition for reducing HSE risk.

None of the observations made during the audit have been identified as non-conformities.

Øyvind Midttun, press contact
Email: oyvind.midttun@ptil.no | +47 51 87 34 77