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Report following audit of emergency preparedness on Haven

The PSA conducted an audit of the Haven jack-up living quarters rig on 23-24 March 2011 at the Nymo yard in Eydehavn. The audit was conducted within the emergency preparedness discipline and the Norwegian Maritime Directorate (Sdir) assisted the PSA in implementing the audit activity.

The audit was carried out in connection with the processing of the application for Acknowledgement of Compliance (AoC) for the facility, submitted by OSM Offshore AS.

The objective of the audit was to follow up the quality of compliance measurements carried out in relation to technical aspects and emergency preparedness, and furthermore, through the audit aimed at certain specific areas, to ensure that the facility is built in accordance with prevailing requirements in the petroleum regulations.

The audit revealed nonconformities and improvement items in relation to regulatory requirements.

Some of these items are due to the fact that there was still work to be done in several areas within the emergency preparedness discipline.

For example, fire stations, evacuation and rescue equipment were not yet on board, and emergency lighting, labelling and signage were not yet complete.

There was also limited access on board and some scaffolding which made it difficult to form an overall impression of the facility. These areas were therefore omitted from this audit.


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