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Report following audit of environmental data collection on Troll A

During the period 13-15 April 2010, the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) conducted an audit together with the Norwegian Meteorological Institute (Met.no), of environmental data collection on Troll A. No regulatory non-conformities were identified during the audit.

The activity started with an introductory meeting on the facility where the purpose of the audit was reviewed. We also received a tour of the facility, which included the instruments used for environmental data collection. A debriefing was given before departure from the facility.

Equipment and systems used for environmental data collection, reporting and operation procedures, as well as maintenance routines, were all reviewed in connection with the audit activity.

The background for the audit activity was that the quality of environmental data collection on Troll A is of great importance for flying weather and flight control services at sea, weather-dependent operations in the petroleum activities, the supply service, and also for society at large as a foundation for Met.no’s national weather database.

To achieve a satisfactory degree of measurement accuracy, it is essential to document that the available measurements’ degree of accuracy satisfies regulatory requirements.

The goal of the audit activity was to review relevant procedures for performing, maintaining and reporting the collection of environmental data, and also to assess the technical standard of systems and equipment on Troll A, cf. regulatory requirements stated in Section 25 of the Framework Regulations relating to requirements for collecting data on natural conditions, Section 4b of the Information Duty Regulations relating to requirements for storage and discarding of data and Section 16 of the Facilities Regulations relating to instrumentation for monitoring and recording with guidelines and reference to NORSOK-standard N-002.

The regulatory requirements also include METAR (Meteorological Aerodrome Reports) observations.

No regulatory non-conformities were identified during the audit. Measurement checks did not identify any non-conformities in relation to the recommended NORSOK N-002 standard for measuring results beyond the levels of tolerance between the operator’s measurement instruments and the control instruments and Met.no’s travelling standards.

Following a new requirement from the Civil Aviation Authority - Norway (CAA-N), “2008-01-28 no. 81 Regulations relating to flight weather service (BSL G 7-1)”, Statoil has committed to updating its weather station on Troll A to satisfy requirements for official METAR.

Commissioning of the METAR project will last until June 2010. This requires certain upgrades of equipment and software to satisfy regulatory requirements for transmitting Metar. During the project period, new equipment and software will be tested in parallel with existing equipment, which is also part of the equipment package.

During the period when the project is testing new and existing equipment, some errors must be expected in the reported data. The project also involves changing applicable procedures for use and maintenance.

All meteorological equipment was subject to existing control procedures for Troll A. The equipment’s maintenance system is part of SAP.

Both the maintenance management program and the overview of performed maintenance are available in SAP, and are traceable. The maintenance is performed by technical personnel on board Troll A.

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