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Report following audit of working environment, logistics and emergency preparedness on Rowan Stavanger

The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) carried out an activity during Week 4, where factors associated with working environment, logistics and preparedness were the topic of follow-up on board the Rowan Stavanger facility. The activity was carried out while the facility was docked at Keppel FELS’ yard in Singapore.

Rowan Drilling Norge AS (Rowan) will be operating the facility on the Norwegian continental shelf.

The PSA’s activity was carried out on request from Rowan as a part of the impending application for Acknowledgement of Compliance (AoC). Initially, the facility will solely be used as a living quarters facility on the Yme field, but the facility will subsequently be relevant for drilling activity on the Norwegian shelf.

The activity consisted of reviewing project documents and verifications of technical factors on board the facility. This report includes observations from the logistics, working environment and emergency preparedness disciplines.

Verification of the management system for operation of the facility and its implementation were not a part of the audit.

In the near future, Rowan will apply for an AoC from the PSA for Rowan Stavanger. The facility is a new jack-up N class drilling facility built by Keppel FELS in Singapore.

At the time of the audit, the facility was completed and ready for handover to Rowan. Rowan Stavanger will be operated by Rowan, which has established a dedicated operations office in Norway.

The objective of the audit activity was to verify technical factors on the facility within the relevant disciplines.


The logistics audit, which included material handling, lifting appliances, lifting equipment and safe use of this type of equipment, identified nonconformities and improvement items in relation to the regulations.

The factors are mainly connected to design of loading and storage areas, and design of hatches and shafts in relation to use of pedestal cranes.

In addition, deficient certification of the pedestal cranes was identified, carried out by the classification society.

Working environment conditions
It is our preliminary impression that the facility will offer good working environment conditions for crews and guests. At the time of verification, it was not possible to achieve a complete overview of the working environment conditions on the facility.

This is because certain verification activities remained to be done, connected to chemical health hazard, ventilation, safety signage, human-machine factors, verification of emergency lighting and measuring noise in certain areas. Noise measurements indicate that the noise level in certain areas exceed the regulatory area limits. Work is ongoing to identify possible noise reduction measures.

A need was identified to establish a clearer system for documenting the facility’s compliance with technical working environment requirements prior to submitting an AoC application.

Furthermore, certain other unfortunate working environment factors were identified, reference is made to Ch. 5.2 of the report. Working environment factors directly related to the deck cranes and design and placement of hatches on the facility are discussed in Ch. 5.1 of the report relating to logistics.

Emergency preparedness
In addition to emergency preparedness, this activity also covered parts of the helicopter deck and associated equipment. Nonconformities and improvement items were identified within emergency preparedness, discussed in Ch. 5.3.

This follow-up activity was not satisfactory within the emergency preparedness and helicopter deck disciplines, and the remainder will be followed up upon arrival in Norway.

Examples of areas that were not covered include equipment certificates, systems for training and exercises, maintenance of preparedness equipment and equipment related to helicopter deck operations, details associated with equipment at fire stations and labelling sizes, etc. on the helicopter deck.

Inger Anda, Director for communication and public affairs
Email: inger.anda@ptil.no | +47 970 54 064