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Audit of BP Norge AS – Electrical installations and person in charge of electrical installations

The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) conducted an audit of BP Norge AS (BP) on 1-2 November.

The audit activity targeted the operator’s work to ensure compliance with the petroleum regulations’ requirements for electrical installations and persons in charge of electrical installations.

The objective of the activity was to carry out supervision to ensure that regulatory provisions are fulfilled, with special emphasis on those parts of the company’s management system that relate to persons in charge of electrical installations; their role, responsibilities and tasks during engineering, operations, modifications and maintenance of electrical installations.


The onshore part of the audit was carried out as planned with good facilitation by BP. The conversations that were carried out gave the impression of capable and enthusiastic employees.

No nonconformities were identified.

Improvement items were identified related to: 

  • Updating of governing documents
  • Quality assurance of minor modifications
  • Mapping and follow-up of electrical barriers and performance requirements