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Audit of ConocoPhillips – coiled tubing activities on Ekofisk

During the period 20 April – 30 September 2010, the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) carried out an audit of ConocoPhillips Skandinavia, BJ Services AS and Seawell AS’ management of drilling and well activities on the Ekofisk field.

On 20 April 2010, the PSA carried out an audit meeting regarding ConocoPhillips’ and BJ Services’ management of coiled tubing activities on Ekofisk. We continued this activity in the period 27-30 September 2010 with conversations and technical verification with regard to ConocoPhillips’, BJ Services’ and Seawell’s drilling and well activities on the Ekofisk field.

During the time of the audit, a total of three activities were in progress on the field, a coiled tubing operation on Ekofisk M as well as drilling and wireline operations on the Ekofisk X facility.

One of the PSA’s main priorities for 2010 is follow-up of technical and operational barriers. During this audit activity, the PSA has followed-up the operator’s and the supplier’s HSE management in the drilling and well area, and made an assessment of how the companies safeguard their own requirements as well as applicable regulations and standards.

In addition, for this task the PSA specifically wanted to conduct an audit of planning and implementation of coiled tubing activities carried out by ConocoPhillips and BJ to verify the quality management factors surrounding well intervention activities on the Ekofisk field.

The purpose of the audit activity was to focus increased attention on planning and implementation of coiled tubing operations. With this audit, the PSA wants to contribute to further development of coiled tubing equipment, prevention of risk factors and measures to avoid undesirable incidents.

The purpose was to examine the company’s compliance with regulatory requirements and internal company requirements in connection with pressure control competence, risk understanding, and working environment factors in planning and implementation of the operations. In addition, the PSA wanted to verify technical factors in the operations in the drilling and well area.

The companies are conducting extensive planning work in connection with drilling and well activities on the Ekofisk field. Several activities take place simultaneously where integrated operations play a more central role than previously. At the same time, there were challenges related to utilisation of integrated operations.

We noted two nonconformities during the audit activity on Ekofisk M and X:

  • Maintenance of the coiled tubing unit on Ekofisk M
  • Employee participation on Ekofisk M and X

In addition, we noted a total of seven improvement items regarding interaction with drilling and well operations, implementation of operational risk assessments, training and pressure control training and improvement of coiled tubing equipment, as well as some isolated conditions within the working environment in the drilling and well areas on Ekofisk M and X.