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Audit of detailed engineering of load-bearing structures - Goliat FPSO

During the period 24-30 August 2011, the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) conducted an audit of Eni Norge AS (Eni) aimed at detailed engineering and fabrication of load-bearing structures and maritime systems for Goliat FPSO.

The detailed engineering of the Goliat hull is now nearing completion and fabrication has begun. The audit was conducted close to a project milestone to ensure that sufficient documentation is available when fabrication commences.

The objective of the audit was to verify that engineering and fabrication of the load-bearing structures take place in accordance with applicable regulations. We conducted a spot-check review of documentation associated with the engineering, with emphasis on the fatigue analyses, further fabrication of hull elements as well as Eni’s verifications and own follow-up.

Through conversations, document verifications and verification of actual implementation of analyses and fabrication work, the PSA has formed an impression of how Eni works together with its contractors in connection with engineering and fabrication of load-bearing structures.

Based on what we have seen in this audit activity, we have not revealed any nonconformities in relation to regulatory provisions. We have, however, identified some improvement items linked to verification and documentation of analyses.