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Audit of maintenance management, structural safety and preparedness - Embla 2/7-D

From 15 – 17 January 2013, the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) carried out an audit of maintenance management, structural safety and preparedness on the Embla 2/7-D facility.

The background for the audit activity is an application from the operating company ConocoPhillips regarding a lifetime extension for Embla 2/7-D until 2028.

One of the PSA’s main priorities in 2013 relates to follow-up of barriers. This means that the operator must establish barriers, set performance requirements for these and follow them up in a lifecycle perspective. Safety-critical barriers must be preserved and maintained in a comprehensive and consistent manner, ensuring the risk of major accidents is reduced as much as possible.

The objective of the audit was to ensure compliance with regulatory provisions, cf. Section 5 of the Management Regulations relating to barriers and Chapter IX of the Activities Regulations relating to maintenance.

Another objective of the audit was to gain an impression of the condition of the facility as a reference for processing the lifetime extension application.

ConocoPhillips provided a status of facility-specific maintenance management, assessment of the technical condition and maintenance effectiveness in light of lifetime extension, maintenance and monitoring of the structure (jacket and topside) and expertise requirements for personnel who perform maintenance on Embla 2/7-D.

No nonconformities were identified during the review of the management system, equipment and technical solutions on the facility. However, six improvement items were found. They were related to labelling and signposting of escape routes, labelling of equipment, follow-up of internal audit reports, order and cleanliness in indoor areas, order and cleanliness in outdoor areas and temporary equipment.