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Audit of pipeline manufacture for Goliat

On 25 May, the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) carried out an audit of the manufacture of pipelines for the Goliat project. The audit did not identify any nonconformities in relation to the regulations.

The audit was carried out through a meeting at Eni's offices at Forus. In the meeting, Eni presented its work on following up the production of pipe sections at Japan Steel Works (JSW). The PSA also held conversations with Eni personnel.

This activity is related to the PSA's priority area, operational and technical barriers, and is part of a series of audits of the operators' follow-up of material deliveries for projects. The series of audits is titled ”The supervisory duty and follow-up of the manufacturer and supplier chain".

The audit's objective was to assess how Eni ensures that the manufacture of pipelines for the Goliat project is in accordance with regulatory requirements. The PSA emphasised Eni's follow-up of other players in the supplier chain and how Eni works to ensure quality in all deliveries.

The audit have provided the PSA with an impression of how Eni follows up the manufacture of pipes for the Goliat project. The delivery of pipes is not defined as a high-risk delivery. Eni does not have a representative at JSW to follow up the delivery. This task has been assigned to Technip, which uses a third-party fulltime inspector from InSpec for follow-up.

We did not identify any nonconformities in connection with the audit, but we did identify an improvement area, which relates to the quality plan for the pipe production.