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Audit of use of lifting appliances on Yme

During the period 22-24 August 2011, the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) conducted an audit of the use of lifting appliances and lifting gear on board Talisman Energy Norge AS’ (TENAS’) Yme production facility.

The audit was based on guidelines in the PSA’s main priorities relating to follow-up of technical and operational safety.

Yme is a new production facility with planned production start-up in 2012.

The objective of the audit was to verify that the operator has established a satisfactory management system and necessary expertise in the use of lifting appliances and implementation of lifting operations on the Yme facility. Installation and use of temporary lifting appliances was also covered under the audit.

Many temporary lifting appliances (chain hoists and fibre straps) were used to hang-off equipment for long periods of time, which entailed continuous and, in part, heavy loads on this equipment.

During the audit we observed lifting operations carried out using the offshore cranes. Both the planning and implementation of the lifting operations were carried out in a satisfactory manner. 

Nonconformities were identified in connection with equipment hung in temporarily erected lifting appliances. 

Improvement items were also identified in relation to:

  • Role of person(s) with technical and operational responsibility
  • Storage of messenger wires for the cranes
  • Cordoning and labelling in connection with entering the crane area