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Safety barriers must be maintained in an integrated and consistent manner in order to minimise risk.

Failure or weakening of barriers is a frequent cause of undesirable incidents in the petroleum sector. Constant challenges are faced in relation to well integrity, gas leaks, and aging installations and plants.

At the same time, players vary in how far they have implemented the regulatory requirements on barriers. Improving the robustness of barriers in the various phases of a facility’s life cycle has developed in different directions and has reached differing levels of maturity.

Efficient barrier management is also affected because players have an unclear gasp of the original design base.

The industry

  • The industry must comply with the requirements in the management regulations so that relationships between risk assessments and barrier management are made clear, and so that these have a clear place in managing the enterprise.
  • Robust and specific barrier strategies and performance requirements must be developed.
  • Operational, organisational and technical barrier elements must be made clear in the risk assessments.


  • We will follow up in 2014 that the industry acquires a better understanding of the interaction between operational, organisational and technical elements in barriers.
  • We will help to strengthen the industry’s work on producing-life extensions, and contribute to industry collaboration and experience transfer between the players.
  • During 2014, we will give particular emphasis to well integrity and control, hydrocarbon leaks, the integrity of structures and marine systems, the early phase of development projects, and the uncertainty and knowledge dimensions in risk assessments.