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Report following audit of emergency preparedness on Gjøa

During the period 5-8 December 2011, the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) conducted an audit of emergency preparedness, including the helicopter deck, on the Gjøa facility.

The audit was carried out with assistance from the Civil Aviation Authority for the part covering the helicopter deck.

The objective of the audit activity was to verify whether the facility's emergency preparedness is in accordance with relevant regulatory requirements and GdF Suez’ own governing documents.

Gjøa is a new facility equipped to the highest standard.

Our main impression is that emergency preparedness is well-maintained on Gjøa.

The emergency preparedness organisation appeared to be resilient, but we have nevertheless proven nonconformities and items with potential for improvement.

Nonconformities were identified in connection with:

  • communications system
  • approach and departure sector
  • lighting
  • registration of the helicopter deck's movements
  • calibrating baggage weight

Furthermore, potential improvement items were identified in connection with:

  • signage and marking in outdoor areas
  • expertise and training system
  • governing documentation and information