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Report following audit of helicopter and lifeboat operations on Draugen [English, United States]

During the period 22-23 September 2010, the PSA carried out an audit of helicopter and lifeboat operations on Draugen.

The audit activity was conducted with assistance from the Norwegian Civil Aviation Authority with regard to the aspect of the audit concerning the helicopter deck.

The audit was conducted as a part of the PSA’s supervision concerning main prioritisation of technical and operational barriers.

The objective of the audit activity was to verify that the preparedness level on the facility was in accordance with the requirements stated in the relevant regulations and Shell’s own governing documents.

The audit activity was well-facilitated by Shell.

During the audit, a preparedness drill was conducted where the scenario was an undesirable incident on the helicopter deck. In the opinion of the audit team, the drill and subsequent debrief were conducted in a positive manner.

The audit identified non-conformities related to lighting and documentation for the helicopter deck. In addition, improvement items were identified concerning marking of evacuation routes and systematic follow-up of performance requirements.