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Report following audit of Kollsnes

During the period 7-9 September 2010, the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) carried out several audit activities at the Kollsnes facility. The activities included an audit of Gassco’s follow-up of Statoil, the technical service provider, including Statoil’s safeguarding of safety-critical elements (barriers), and Statoil’s follow-up after the condensate leak in 2009.

The audit activity was carried-out with a basis in the Temporary regulations relating to safety and the working environment for certain petroleum facilities on land and associated pipeline systems. The activity was also tied to the PSA’s main priorities for 2010, including “management and major accident risk” including learning from serious incidents and Statoil’s safeguarding of “technical and operational barriers” to reduce risk of major incidents.

The purpose of the activities was to verify that Gassco and Statoil Kollsnes are safeguarding the regulatory requirements and verifying that selected safety-critical barriers are maintained in a comprehensive and consistent manner, as well as verifying that the necessary measures have been carried out after the condensate leak. Furthermore, that the management is involved and contributes to continuous improvement and that systematic work is being carried out with regard to learning from and preventing incidents.

The audit was carried out according to plan, and in accordance with our notification letter dated 17 August 2010.

Several improvement items were identified, linked to both main audit topics.

No nonconformities were identified during the audit.