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Technical and operational barriers : Getting the facts

Selected barrier data related to processing, wells and structural integrity are provided in the PSA’s annual trends in risk level in the petroleum activity (RNNP) survey.

This article was published in the publication "Safety - status and signals 2009-2010".

Companies report the availability and reliability for these safeguards on the basis of periodic testing of chosen components.


The various barriers comprise several interacting systems or elements. A leak must be detected before ignition sources are disconnected and emergency shutdown initiated, for example.

Fairly substantial differences between industry players are revealed by the RNNP study, and not least between installations,notes principal engineer Einar Ravnås.

“The positive aspect is that this surveyincludes assessments of specific safety-critical elements,” says the man with primary responsibility for the PSA’s main priority on barriers.

“Groundbreaking work has been done to establish an overview of the status of selected barriers. This yields important knowledge which we must use actively in making safeguards more robust.”