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Seminar on flexible risers

We cordially invite you to a seminar on flexible risers on Tuesday 26 November 2013. The programme will focus on integrity, learning, experience sharing, continuous improvement and the prevention of major accidents.

Date: 26 November 2013

Location: The Petroleum Safety Authority, Stavanger



The registration deadline is 14 November.

The seminar will be free and held in English.

The background to the seminar is a number of incidents associated with flexible risers in recent years.

In our annual summary of trends in risk level on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (RNNP), flexible risers account for the majority of reported injuries and incidents involving pipelines, risers and subsea facilities.

The aim is to improve the level of knowledge about integrity management of flexible risers and share experiences of design, installation and operation that may assist in risk reduction and continuous improvement.

The seminar will be free and held in English.

Trond E. Sundby
E-post: trond-e.sundby@ptil.no