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ConocoPhillips has received consent to use a new accommodation facility at Ekofisk

ConocoPhillips has received consent to use the new 2/4 L accommodation facility at Ekofisk.

The Ekofisk field will remain in production far longer than originally planned when the field was first put into production in 1970. This has created a need for a new accommodation facility.

The PSA has now granted ConocoPhillips, the operator at Ekofisk, consent to use the new Ekofisk 2/4 L accommodation facility. The new facility will replace the existing 2/4 H and 2/4 Q facilities that were installed in 1972 and 1978.

In addition to 552 individual cabins, the facility will contain a variety of support functions such as offices, stores, workshops, emergency preparedness centre, fire water supply, helideck and telecommunications centre.

The facility will have a gangway connection to the Ekofisk complex. It is designed for a working life of 40 years.

ConocoPhillips will be deploying the new facility during 2013.

Journal 2013/786

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