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Consent for BP Norge AS

BP Norge AS has received consent for gas lift at Valhall IP.

Valhall is an oil field in the southern North Sea in 70 metres of water. The field was originally developed with an accommodation facility, a drilling facility and a production facility. In 1996, a wellhead facility (Valhall WP) was installed, with slots for 19 extra wells.

The four facilities are linked by bridges. A water injection facility was installed centrally on the field in 2003. The flank development consists of two wellhead facilities, one to the north and one to the south of the field. The southern facility came on stream in 2003 and the northern facility in 2004.

Increased water production is expected as a result of the water injection at Valhall, and gas lift is being performed to maintain stable production from the wells at IP.

The PSA has now given BP Norge consent for gas lift at Valhall IP. 

Inger Anda, Director for communication and public affairs
Email: inger.anda@ptil.no | +47 970 54 064