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Consent for exploration drilling using Transocean Spitsbergen

Statoil Petroleum AS has received consent for exploration drilling using the Transocean Spitsbergen mobile drilling facility to drill well 7325/1 in production licence 615.

The well lies in the Barents Sea, around 300 km from the nearest mainland at Knivskjellodden in Nordkapp municipality. Water depth at the site is approx. 447 metres.

The position during drilling will be:
• 73° 54' 49.5"N
• 25° 06' 59.7"E

Drilling is planned to begin in June 2014, with a duration of around 44 days, depending on whether a discovery is made.
Transocean Spitsbergen is a semi-submersible drilling facility of the Aker H-6e type.
It was built at the Aker Stord yard, is registered in the Marshall Islands and classified by DnV.

The facility received Acknowledgement of Compliance (AoC) in October 2012.

Journal 2013/1582

Inger Anda, Director for communication and public affairs
Email: inger.anda@ptil.no | +47 970 54 064